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Which Type of Flooring to Choose

Whether performing a remodel, purchasing a new home, or building an addition, many people give serious thought to the type of flooring they should choose. Each homeowners situation is different based on location, family, and preferences. We've broken down some common flooring types by rooms.

  • Kitchen - Hardwood, laminate, tile, or stone is best suited for a kitchen. Tile tends to keep the floor very cool so it might be a better option if you live in a location that is much warmer year-round. Never use carpet in the kitchen.
  • Bathroom - Same options as a kitchen but even more emphasis on tile since wood tends to warp when it comes into contact with water. Sometimes bathrooms give off much condensation and water also spills from the tub on the floor so be careful with wood. Again, don't use carpet.
  • Bedroom - The bedroom is a place of comfort and your flooring should provide that as well. Most homes have either carpet or wood floors in the bedroom. Definitely use carpet if this room is for a small child. Also considering throw rugs for any bedrooms with wood flooring as a way to maximize comfort.
  • Living Room - Carpet, hardwood, or laminate floors work best in a living room. All three options are very durable and look great especially if you use the same type of flooring in the adjacent rooms.
  • Dining Room - Since dining rooms are typically considered the fanciest room in the house for most traditional families consider using hardwood floors in this room.
  • Playroom or Den - Absolutely go with carpet so it's soft on the children as well as your feet. Kids like to play around as well as fall down often and the carpet will soften their fall.
Remember to not only factor in which type of flooring will look and work best for your situation based on price and geographic location, but also consider comfort of the flooring on your feet and if you have children as well.

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